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A taste of Provence

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A taste of Provence !

Visit Carpentras, capital of the Comtat Venaissin in the heart of the foothills of Mt. Ventoux.
The St. Siffrein cathedral -15C gothic style church with a newly renovated facade and Jewish doorway. The interior contains many treasures.
The 14C Synagogue is simply but richly decorated.
The 18C hospital or «Hôtel Dieu» has a pharmacy containing old cabinets painted with landscapes and monkey apothecaries plus a large collection of Moustiers faience.
The Palace of Justice (17C) is a former episcopal palace of Italian style.
The Roman municipal arch behind the law courts was built at the same time as the «arc de Triomphe» in Orange.(c20 BC)
The enormous «Porte de Orange» is the last remaining vestige of the 14C remparts.
The town center has many beautiful facades and 3 museums of regional interest.
Carpentras is known for producing edible specialities—varied candied or glazed fruit and colourful hard candy «berlingots».
You can taste both and even see the berlingots being made.

Provence style lunch at Pernes, former capital of the Comtat and charming with its narrow streets, 40 public stone fountains and public gardens.

At Beaumes-de-Venise visit the old Balméenne Oil Mill, founded in 1856 by the Marquis de Gaudemaris. Taste the olive oil so typical of the region.


This terraced village also produces a fortified sweet white wine from the Muscat grape cultivated in the area around the jagged cliffs of the Dentelles de Montmirail.


On the road to Vacqueras visit Notre Dame d’Aubune a romanesque chapel with an elegant bell tower classed as national heritage.

On the way back-- taste, touch, and smell the fresh and coulorful farm products at the Velleron market.


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